Money Investigators Limited is a licenced Private Investigation Company No. 700573 and Kaye Baldock is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Investigators (NZIPI) which is licenced by the Ministry of Justice.

Money Investigators Limited is independent credit tracers of dormant funds. We endeavour to locate the owners and/or beneficiaries of funds that may date back many years that people are not aware they have.

I have personally located and returned funds for:

  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • Judges
  • Police Officers
  • A Prime Ministers spouse
  • Financial advisors
  • Many estates, including a estate for a Lady
  • And many many New Zealanders living from Peru to Penang. Clients from the United States of America to the U.K., Ireland, Thailand, Canada, Denmark, Samoa, The Cook Islands, Jersey in the Channel Islands and of course Australia.

We have been in business for over 12 years.

These dormant funds can relate to:

  • Dormant Bank Accounts - savings and cheque accounts
  • Unclaimed wages or commissions
  • Stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and dividends
  • Lost Pension/Superannuation pay-outs
  • Trust funds
  • Credit unions
  • Superannuation pay-outs
  • Unpaid matured insurance policies
  • Unreturned rent and utility deposits
  • Securities
  • Credit balances
  • Estates
  • Lost shares held in Australia - for example, Burns Philps, Lion Nathan, AMP, Tower, MEM Group, Normandy Mining, Goldfields, CSR, Perpetual Ltd, ING IND, Computer Share Investments etc etc
  • Unclaimed property does not include real estate property.