Claim Process

There is no cost to lodge a claim and should the claim be declined for any reason; there is no cost to you.

In order for a claim to be lodged a copy of your identification is required as you need to prove who you are.  We are aware people are concerned with identity fraud and some may be hesitant in sending us a copy of their identification.  Please rest assured all documents received in this office are treated with the utmost privacy and confidentiality and are only passed onto the authorities who are holding your funds.  We protect the personal information you provide and will only use this information for the purpose of meeting your needs.

With New Zealand claims, the identification can be a copy of your birth or marriage certificate, driver's licence, or passport.  Until a claim is lodged we are unable to establish the source of the funds due to the Privacy Act, but generally they relate to matured life insurance policies, dormant bank accounts, unclaimed dividends, wages and the like.  Once the claim is lodged there are times when more evidence is required to prove ownership of the funds; this could be advising us of which banks and insurance companies you used or perhaps advising an old address you once resided at.

Australian claims require all documents supplied to be certified.  You will be required to provide a link to the last known postal address as proof of your ownership of the unclaimed asset.  Suitable documentation of a link to the last known address could be a rates notice, utilities bill, financial institution statement, correspondence from an accountant or solicitor etc.. If the unclaimed asset belongs to a deceased estate, a certified copy of the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration must also be supplied.

A certified copy is a photocopy of an original document that has been signed as a 'true and correct copy' by a Justice of the Peace, pharmacist, doctor, dentist, veterinary surgeon, bank manager, state school principal, solicitor or police officer.  Certified copies are required to ensure that all documents submitted to support a claim are authentic.

Should you have any queries please feel free to place a collect telephone call through to me or show our letter to your local authority - the NZ Police are aware of this business.